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We fill a vital gap that can help our clients to revive investor and consumer confidence, restore corporate profitability and replenish our earths most valuable resources. At the heart of everything we do is our pursuit of excellence. It is what we promise and what we deliver on every working day.

Our start to finish process covers every stage of development required to renovate your sustainability initiatives and provide an opportunity to clearly differentiate the products and services you provide in order for you to access new markets and to expand into new regions. Let our talented team of sales engineers show you how to put the "green" back into the word of sustainability.

The "CO2 Trans Technology" creates energy and bio-fuels with zero emissions by converting carbon dioxide captured from toxic flue gas emissions, and/or separately, by the manufacture of CO2 through the gasification of municipal solid waste (Garbage). Our closed loop system maximizes client asset protection by eliminating the risk associated with the failure to continually meet the strict and ever-changing federal air quality standards. The "CO2 Trans Technology" converts carbon dioxide into four renewable energy sources: syngas, methanol, oxygen and electricity—adding several significant streams of revenue to restore your company’s bottom line.

Capturing, Cleaning and Converting CO2 and other toxic emissions into renewable Energy and Bio Fuels to transform your bottom line.

MP (My Planet) Bio Mass is a clean technology company. We help our clients handle their toughest challenges in sustainability by transforming traditional corporate liabilities into concrete performing assets. By partnering with two global leaders in environmental sciences, we offer disruptive innovation that enables corporate responsibility to become an economic driver for profitable growth.

Co2 Trans Technology

Zero emissions -Guaranteed.

My Planet BioMass LLC – Our World, My Planet

My Planet BioMass llc is a clean tech solutions company.  Our mission is simple—to revive, restore and replenish our world’s resources by enriching our planet, it’s people and their performance.  We accomplish this by helping our clients maximize the value of sustainability by embedding clean technology into their business operations. By partnering with emerging global leaders in environmental sciences, My Planet BioMass provides world class innovation that enable corporate responsibility to become economic drivers of profitable growth. 

Our ground breaking technology and range of products and services are designed to improve operational performance and productivity while reducing our client costs, energy consumption, and industrial waste. The world-wide patented system mimics “artificial photosynthesis” by breaking down CO2 from flue gases to capture three renewable energy sources with zero carbon emissions.  The Nano-Membrane Pyro-Gasification process for the removal of toxins and pollutants is both unique and proven technology that breaks down CO2 from emissions to capture pure Oxygen while isolating Hydrogen for the manufacture of high grade Methanol and Electricity. My Planet BioMass is excited to have met the unique challenge of eliminating the toxins from Flue gas emissions and fly ash safely and effectively while recovering the valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals known to exist in the fly ash deposits. We look to partner with your company to explore how these innovations may provide the solutions to your environmental challenges and improve your bottom line.